International Forum on One Korea | August 2022

This timely forum gathers prominent experts, policymakers, journalists, and civil society leaders from the Six-Party Talk countries and the broader international community to address comprehensively how to build international support for a free and unified Korea as the ultimate and permanent solution to the security threat and a catalyst for regional and global peace and development.

Congressional Roundtable and Forum on “U.S.-ROK Alliance for Free And UNIFIED KOREA”

International scholars, policymakers, current and former diplomats, economists, and civil society leaders convened for six sessions to develop strategies for peace in Northeast Asia and denuclearization and reunification of the Korean peninsula at the International Forum on One Korea on October 25-27.

Samil Independence Movement Commemoration

If you missed our virtual event, the full Youtube Live is now uploaded on our YouTube channel!

Life Beyond Borders


Hear how Oh Chong Song miraculously escaped North Korea and his desire for Korean unification to bring freedom to the North Korean people.

Reuniting the Divided Korean Family

March 4 | 6 PM EST

After Korea was divided, millions of families were separated across the border. Many have yet to see their loved ones, but time is running out as they get older.

Tune in to hear the stories of Chahee Lee Stanfield and Paul Kyumin Lee and their initiatives to help Korean Americans reunite with separated family members in North Korea.

Alliance for Korea United is a coalition of Korean-American organizations and individuals advancing the cause for a united Korea that fulfills the historic ideals and aspirations of the Korean people. 


Korean Diaspora

There are over 7.4 million ethnic Koreans living outside of Korea. Alliance for Korea United represents Korean diaspora communities in the United States committed to Korean reunification.

During the March 1 1919 Korean Independence Movement, the Korean diaspora played a critical role in drawing global support and articulating the ideals of the new nation. Today, ethnic Koreans living abroad are equally a powerful force in determining the future direction of the pensinsula.

President's Message

Welcome to the Alliance for Korea United USA, part of a growing global initiative to fulfill the cherished dream of a unified homeland. 

I  look forward to your valuable insights and active participation with the nearly seven and a half million Koreans living abroad who, with our South Korean brothers and sisters, are advancing a dynamic global movement for peace and freedom on the Korean peninsula.


~Richard Lee, President, Alliance for Korea United

The Korea Division

The Korean people have been divided for more than 70 years. The volatile state of the Korean peninsula, the civil and human rights crisis to the North, and the unfinished work of self-determination for the Korean people make Korean reunification a major civil rights issue of today.

The Korean Dream: A Vision for a Unified Korea

The Korean Dream expresses the enduring aspiration of the Korean people to create a nation united, independent and free, grounded in the ancient ideal of Hongik Ingan. The Korean Dream is a vision for a United Korea that reaches out from Korea to the world.

    Ongoing Activities

    1. Research and Dialogue

    An ongoing YouTube series featuring experts, policy makers and civil society leaders, weighing in on current affairs, Korean American Legacy, and how to engage Korean Americans in pursuing the Korean Dream.

    2. Forums and Conferences

    We have been sponsors and partners for international forums and conferences that advance a comprehensive approach to Korean reunification.

    International Forum on One Korea

    August 15, 2020

    September 30, 2020

    November 20, 2020

    December 4, 2020

    Action for Korea United Festival 2019

    Global Peace Convention 2019

    International Forum on One Korea 2019

    3. Korean American Engagement

    We are connecting with Korean-Americans across the United States, examining our legacy and our current role in securing a free, independent and unified Korea.

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